Friday, October 16

Fall Out Boy - Düsseldorf

Well, I honestly have no idea how to start this post since I'm still overwhelmed by my feels from yesterday.
So first of all me and my friend went to the Fall Out Boy concert in Düsseldorf, Germany. 
We arrived at the venue at 2:30pm. Since we got a VIP ticket we got to get in the hall at 4:30pm. (it was preeetty cold and rainy yesterday so everyone was happy to get in earlier) 
So we got in, got our vip pass and had to wait until the meet and greet with the band started.

Meet and Greet w/ FOB

The staff set up some kind of "wall" and behind that "wall" stand the band. Everyone was excited but there was no fan screaming hysterically which was pretty nice. Every single person had its own time with Fall Out Boy + you got to take a photo with them.
After waiting for a while it was my turn to meet one of my favourite bands. Every step closer to them made my heart beat faster and faster, my hands were shaking and I couldn't stop smiling. So I went behind the wall and Joe was the first one to meet. 
Sadly, we couldn't hug him because of his back surgery. He was holding his hand like "shake my hand" since everyone was doing the typical hand shake but I literally was like "Hey! How're you? *fist bump*" Not that I didn't like shaking his hand I just wanted to do smth cooler which he probably liked since he smiled brightly. 
Next to him stand Patrick. You guys should know I'm 170 cm and Patrick is 164cm (according to google) he was so cute I swear. Anyway, I was standing in front of him saying "can I hug you"? He was brightly smiling, with open arms saying "of course you can!" So we hugged each other. His hug was pretty strong like some friends meeting (he did this with everyone) which shows that he's pretty close to his fans, at least I hope so.
Well, no I was standing between Patrick and Pete, looking to all band members I said that I love their music etc. Patrick was smiling and thanking me.
Next one to hug was Pete then, he asked me how I felt and was pretty nice as well TT
And last one was shy baby Andy. I was like "Hi how are you?" and he answered really quietly and bbyyyy, I carefully hugged him too then and uffffffffff.
The last part was the photo with them. I kinda look like an idiot but I swear they made me so happy I couldn't even look normal.

After the photo I thanked them for the music etc and just thanked them basically for being there etc. I then had to say good bye (sadly)
The meet and greet was honestly a great experience and I'm like the happiest person of earth.

The Concert

Sooo now smth to the actual concert. 
We were standing in the 2nd row right in front of Pete. Before Fall Out Boy came on stage "Charley Marley" pushed the mood of the crowd. They weren't bad and everyone was parting so I enjoyed them as well.
But then, f i n a l l y Fall Out Boy came on stage and rocked the hall. 
I sang along to every single song and jeez I was so done. 
I don't even know what I should tell you about the concert since it was just awesome and it was so much fun singing along, seeing them play and ufff
The atmosphere was great as well and I'm not kidding when I say that this was the best concert I've been to until now. 
Ah right, and I even caught a plec of Pete, lucky me. T-T

Uff at the end I have to say it was honestly great and I'm so happy I got to hear and see them live. 

Thank you so much Fall Out Boy!